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Science Fiction and Social Justice

The kerfluffles in science fiction are probably as old as fandom itself, but they’ve taken on a different tenor in recent years. Whether major ones like the Hugo hijacking or the delovecrafting of the WFA, or minor ones like “Elizabeth Bear says something,” the conflicts generally come down to a struggle between two groups, groups […]

A Party Game

I found this keen party game book that everyone can play. (I guess you’d need to print it out or make you own.) The idea is each guest takes a page with 80% of a limerick on it and must provide the “lost” final line, generally by inventing it on the spot. The whole thing […]

In Praise of the Oak Ridge Boys

In 1993, the Simpsons episode “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet” aired. You probably remember the basics, that its plot flashes back to 1985 when Homer was part of a hit barbershop quartet/pop group.Casting around to find the most ridiculous title and subject matter for a hypothetical song from 1985, the writer (Jeff Martin) hit upon the regrettable fad […]

Watership Down: Sources and Inspiration

Everyone’s talking about whether the cartoon adaptation of Watership Down is a children’s movie, but I wanted to talk about the book for a bit. Because Richard Adams’s book is itself an adaptation, a closer adaptation of an older text than any other book I know, including Fifty Shades of Gray. Watership Down, in short, […]

Meaningless Tolerance

Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of women voting in New York, and of course this controversy now seems ludicrous, even in a Trump year. Do you support universal suffrage, as the banner to the right reads? Of course you do! Do you know anyone who doesn’t? Ah, but I have tricked you! Because […]

Memebusters: Easter

I see this meme every year, and it just gets stupider. Once again, I’m not trying to convert anyone to any religious viewpoint; I merely want to discourage the spread of memes with bad historical information. And despite the watermark of authenticity in the lower right corner (IllumintiTV!), every part of this meme is demonstrably wrong. […]

Apocalypse and Revelation

Apocalypse and revelation mean the same thing twice. Of course both refer to the end times; but furthermore, etymologically, apocalypse comes from kaluptein (“to cover”; caul has the same root—eucalyptus just means “well-covered”) with the negating prefix apo. An apocalypse is an uncovering, a revealing—see what I’m doing here?—a revelation. Theoretically, anything about the future, […]

Religion and Memes: Epilogue

(Continued from earlier.) I see this shared a lot, and it’s probably the case that bringing it up is redundant, because my hope is you’ve become so sick of my writing about religious memes that you will never share them again out of simple fear of further boredom. But I wanted to say something extra […]

Ted Cruz Has Better Grammar Than You

“…offensive to Heidi and me…” If you would’ve said “to Heidi and I,” you have been defeated by Ted Cruz.  

Religion and Memes III

Continued from yesterday. Most (all?) religions (this should probably be its own post, but we’ll go through quickly and shallowly) offer four things to their followers:  Ritual Mythology Ontology Ethics Just for clarity: for Christianity, as one example, ritual would include praying and taking communion, mythology would include the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, ontology would […]