A Party Game

xxxlll80I found this keen party game book that everyone can play. (I guess you’d need to print it out or make you own.) The idea is each guest takes a page with 80% of a limerick on it and must provide the “lost” final line, generally by inventing it on the spot.

The whole thing is set up as a guest book, presumably for visitors to fill out when they stayed in the guest wing of your lake house, or whatever. I don’t know much about this; I wasn’t a Saki character in 1915.

Of course, soon no one would be a Saki character. The War had already started, and Saki himself was fated in a few years to die in the trenches.

But until that happens we have our limericks, which are easily adaptable to less Edwardian parties. This one (according to the key in the back) ends “And his oars floated home — and that’s all.”


“Till he found he could do it with ‘e’s.'”

This one below seems designed just to elicit a vulgar response,


but the answer is merely “So they brought her a leaf from the green ‘us.”

I look forward to your next party.


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