Monthly Archives: April 2016

Poem a Day 30

Today’s prompt is a dead end, so I offer this final summation of the last month. The March of Drought Crawl, worm! And scamper, spider, slither, snail! The wingéd angel covers up his tail Just as he covered up, long nights ago, The tears upon, and tears right through the veil. And squatting by the […]

Poem a Day 29

The site I get my prompts from has been down all day, so I just did as I would. (ETA, the prompt is relevant anyway. We cannot avoid our fate.) The City Midway through Our Slow Apocalypse This, too, is important. The titanic wreck Buoyed up on a tide of my own incompetence. It was icebergs,  […]

Poem a Day 28

From an important prompt (I cut the word, after consideration, form the title, but it used to be there). After These Messages The few moments’ Saturday freedom. Enough Time to stand and fetch another box Of raw, dry cereal, slice-’em-up soft Palate. Return on swift socks, and It had been a lie, the “we’ll be right […]

Poem a Day 27

A gentle parody of a quaint era in poetry, from this prompt. From a 1910 Heirloom Anthology “Take off your coat and stay a while,” The spider said to me. “Take off your coat and stay a while.” She said it with a gentle smile, But I was almost half a mile Away and up […]

Poem a Day 26

(The prompt.) Roebuck The thick patch that does not spread, The burial mounds, The endless keening of the dead, And the wounds Bounded the terrain on which we fought When I was smitten. Whatever else she brought Has been forgotten.

Poem a Day 25

From, as always, a prompt. Exercises in Euclid Intro geometry: my booklet: I love my wife, but oh!——Euclid! Was written on the inside cover Along with Elvis Presley lover And hearsay gossip (there was plenty!) Of who’d kissed whom in 1920. Every few years the kids would add a Couple layers extra strata (Buy war […]

Poem a Day 24

Today’s prompt is something lost and regained. Always a happy time. Abraxas Before the spring flowed of time there was Abraxas, And while the stars winked in, like eyes, there was Abraxas, our Abraxas. Beneath the sterile magma seas slept Abraxas. Beneath the tentative fern Eden slept Abraxas. Beneath the mollusk-ripened oceans slept Abraxas. Beneath the comet-riddled […]

Poem a Day 23

From a prompt about footwear. The Coming of a Stranger Single Shod King Pelias, with crimson watery eyes, Awaits fulfillment of the serpent god His choking smoke and keening prophesies: The coming of a stranger single shod. The foremen and the guardians of gears Whose call and mandate no man understands Kowtow before inevitable fears: The workers with their sabots in […]

Poem a Day 22

Today’s prompt: star stuff. Star Chamber The reptile’s three- Chambered heart excludes That secret mammal room, exempts It from the arbitrary judgments there. (Except for you, You crocodilians, with Your tears and simulated tears And simulated smile. You know the score.) The kangaroo- (The primitivest of The acloacal mammals) -court Decides, on misread, foolish, and […]

Poem a Day 21

A poem in response to a poem is today’s prompt. A Passive-Agressive Note to K. Khan, Esq., Landlord The rent is great. The view is nice. The sun, though, melts the caves of ice. We can’t find pleasure in this dome With ice melt threatening our home. And I don’t know what’s wrong with her, […]