Poem a Day 1

This is the first of the April poem-a-day challenge, a poem of fools for April Fools. The rules and details can be found here.

Key Zero

I am assured by those who study more
Assiduously pyramid and pharaoh
That wisdom rose up right nearby, before
All other wisdom: wisdom of the tarot,

Encoded, as such wisdom tends to be,
In numbered flimstrip images that stride
By Laws of Number, inexorably,
With all their Prussian lockstep ordered pride;

And here the Hierophant, and there the Star,
Marching in smug awareness of their status
Roll condescending eyes at “some there are”
Who “stumble blindly” through their mad “erratas”;

While those who know will wink and nod and smile
Upon the Fool who, numbered by tradition
A number then unknown along the Nile,
Can freely dance, and shuffle his position.

(And who is it who nods her head and winks?
For local color, let it be the sphinx.)

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