Poem a Day 6

Continuing the April tradition of a poem a day, we come to an ekphrastic prompt.


Johnny Nevermore

“One pair of stockings and two pair of shoes” -Trad.

Johnny Nevermore
Scared than someday
Every ion
Every wing

Stared like a sunup
On his formless
Man, a sitcom
Menced to sing:

Crawl, king, before invisible the awe
That flame above the dust thou wilt not eat
As thy curst sire must eat. Eat thou the straw
Thy talons rend, and beastlike from thy feet

To belly crawl, king, even as thy sire,
When madness filleth as they fill the sea
The rivulets of thy distent desire,
For there were three or more within a fire
That burneth now within thy brain and thee.

Carefully, the angel
Put away its sword
And bundled up its word
Delivered from the Lord.
But all that Johnny heard:

Pink belly, pink belly.


  1. This is quite simply fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Thanks, Whimsy!


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