Poem a Day 11

Today’s prompt: defense.

A Letter to Charles Darwin from His Ex-Girlfriend

My dear Mr. Darwin, I know you believe
In transmogrifications of tree shrew to whale,
But, since you broke up with me, you may perceive
That my heart is evolving a shell like a snail.

With horror I felt the thing further evolving,
This heart that had always been constant and true.
What threat was it facing, what problem resolving?
Competing with whom when it lost out with you?

The young-earth creationists tell me my heart
(Analogy: baramins; “still the same kind”)
Is, although slightly modified, still the same part;
But with your dispassionate eye you may find

Beneath the nematocysts, chitinous plating,
And venomous spines that are dripping with gall,
Is not a new organ devoted to hating
But nothing. There’s nothing there. Nothing at all.



  1. I haven’t been commenting on your poems, but I have been enjoying them (although admittedly I don’t always get all of them), and this one in particular I like a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! There seems to be a consensus about this one.

      I don’t think I’ve yet fallen back on “poems don’t need to make sense ha ha you suckers” chaotic nonsense this month (which I am not saying I have never done), but I am probably at times more abstruse than I need to be.


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