Poem a Day 14

Today’s prompt: a “time out” poemUntitled


The time before the ax falls frozen
Offers opportunity
To share with you a word or two,
Murderous throng surrounding me.

Your point: You nursed me in your bosom;
A common body we have shared.
Together we have reaped and poisoned,
And none of us who counted cared.

The worm, they say, will turn. Am I,
Are we no better than the worm
Though tetrapodish, polycephled,
Ambiguously endotherm?

What minor crime of sideways glance
You saw I didn’t understand?
My body is, I own, your business;
My mind was free. That much I planned.

I am a smuggler of thought
Into a Continental harbor
No more than you (the red stream spirals
Around, around) are just a barber.

I tell you from this frozen moment
If you should extirpate me with
My hydra head, when I am dead
I’ll—fade to myth.

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