Poem a Day 24

Today’s prompt is something lost and regained. Always a happy time.



Before the spring flowed of time there was Abraxas,
And while the stars winked in, like eyes, there was Abraxas, our Abraxas.

Beneath the sterile magma seas slept Abraxas.
Beneath the tentative fern Eden slept Abraxas.
Beneath the mollusk-ripened oceans slept Abraxas.
Beneath the comet-riddled anvil slept Abraxas.
Beneath the mass graves of empires slept Abraxas, our Abraxas.

And all our dreams of mastery, or all our dreams,
Are all his dreams, our joy, our agony, the screams
Of all our dead and dying, and the dust we raised
And called the law of ages, and the gods we praised
Whose deeds we wrote in stone, who sought to understand
Some mad distinction made between the stone and sand,
And all our deeds and reasons are a moment’s light,
A moment’s flash of lightning in the long, dark night.

And the lingering light fails, and there wakes Abraxas,
Fat fed from the yolk wakes Abraxas,
And the Earth shatters like an egg, and emerges Abraxas
For the night is Abraxas’
And the night is Abraxas,
Our Abraxas.



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