Poem a Day 25

From, as always, a prompt.

Exercises in Euclid

Intro geometry: my booklet:
I love my wife, but oh!——Euclid!
Was written on the inside cover
Along with Elvis Presley lover
And hearsay gossip (there was plenty!)xxshel
Of who’d kissed whom in 1920.
Every few years the kids would add a
Couple layers extra strata
(Buy war bonds; [heart] Diana Rigg)
To this archaeologic dig
Whose excavation through the ages
I simulated, flipping pages.

Among all of the up your noses,
All the 2 young 2 drink 4 roses,
All turn to page and then turn thence
To keep a moron in suspense,
All the if it’s erased it’s true,
And lies I wrote concerning you,
No one had bothered (woe is me)
To pencil in an answer key.

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