Words of Comfort and Consolation I


What will happen in one’s own life is already written, but one must choose to be there. This is the Way of the Ninja.
•Ashida Kim, Secrets of the Ninja (1981).

The wold is a mindless machine, and only you are alive.
•Fritz Leiber, You’re All Alone jacket copy (1972).

Every day my mind grows keener—my good arm stronger—my silly enemies more futile—
•George Herriman, Krazy Kat 3/20/1938.

There be few of us left, but—Komal must be fed.
•Edgar Rice Burroughs, Thuvia, Maid of Mars (1920).

An object at rest cannot be stopped
The Tick, “The Tick vs. the Tick” (1994).xxkafka

The earth is an oyster with nothing inside it,
Not to be born is the best for man…
•W.H. Auden, “Death’s Echo” (1936).

Everything, even lies, advances the truth. Shadows do not blot out the sun.
•Franz Kafka, recorded by Janouch in Conversations with Kafka (1953).

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,
Saddle a cat and I’ll be gone.
•Children’s rhyme collected in Alexander County, NC, c. 1928.xxninja

For the ninja,
being powerful is the most loving thing
he can do.
•Stephen K. Hayes, “Viewing Reality” (1984).

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