The Partridge Family Prophecy

From from the third-century Roman text of Aelian’s Historia Animalorum (A.F. Scholfield translation):

Partridges while still in the egg and confined by the shell that has formed around them do not wait for their parents to hatch them out, but alone and unaided, like house-breakers, peck through the eggs, peep out, and then lever themselves up, and then after cracking the eggshell begin at once to run. And if half the shell is clinging to their tail they shake it off and cast it from them…(IV.12a).

This is a fairly precise depiction of the opening credits of The Partridge Family, including (especially) the Shirley Jones-bird’s tail feather-shake occurring at 0:17 — predicted 1700 years ago.

Dismissed as chance!


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