All Lives Addendum


Continued from here, obviously.

This one I just started seeing getting shared around today, but it is an example of how incoherent these arguments have become. The biblical statement “blessed are the poor” is pretty clearly an attack on the rich. If “black lives matter” was intended to imply that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a white person to enter the kingdom of God, then that’s a very different movement from the one it presents itself as.

(I’m assuming that this is Luke 6:20 that’s being interrupted; Matthew 5:3 starts the same but continues to bless specifically those “poor in spirit.”)

What I’m saying is that the original statement is designed explicitly to exclude rich people. Rebutting Jesus here by claiming, “No, no, the rich matter, too!” may be contrary to the teachings of the early church, but it is hardly a silly or invalid viewpoint.

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