Monthly Archives: October 2016

The God of This World

The God of This World Three brothers drew. Three brothers drew, by lots, Their stewardship of this round earth’s three spheres: Defined by long tradition as: the sky; The sea; sweet (euphemistic) by-and-by; And this (not euphemistic) vale of tears. (These number four.) Each brother claimed his turf: So Jove, the most pleased, vaulted to the […]

Candy Corn

When I was a kid, after a night of trick or treating, my parents would go through my pillowcase of candy, to inspect it and make sure I was not about to be murdered by our neighbors. Any homemade popcorn balls or caramel apples, which did used to tun up now and then in those […]

What Is This Earth “Feeling” of Which You Speak?

1. The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Entropy I’m not afraid of snakes. If a cobra was rearing up in front of me, I’d be afraid, but that has never happened, and is not likely to happen soon, so I don’t worry to much about it; and harmless snakes like black snakes and garter snakes I […]

The Trump Dialectic

I have been trapped without internet access and unable to comment, in a timely fashion, about the revelation that a major presidential candidate is, surprising no one, a vulgar cad. But the need to comment on it has been bubbling inside me the last week or so. And here it is, late. One the one […]

I Can’t Remember If Belloc Already Wrote Something like This

On our trip to the avian sanctuary A condor bore off little Mary. The ranger used his sternest words: “Read the signs. ‘Don’t feed the birds.’”


I. I once saw a martial arts contest judged by three Shaolin monks. The monks scored entrants on their technique, using a scale of one to ten. No scale of one to ten is ever one to ten, because judges don’t like to give out ones, and these monks weren’t giving out tens. So it was something like […]