Monthly Archives: December 2016

In Which Salon Is Half-Right

Salon managed to opine yesterday that conservatives have no ideology. Obviously we (at this site) are committed to the doctrine that almost no one has an ideology. Salon is therefore half right—only half because it’s clear that they believe liberals are, contrariwise, committed ideologues. The article is silly, but may be worth reading in full, if only as […]

Erasing History

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about history, it’s that history is really big, and filled with disparate facts,  and an unscrupulous person can pick and choose to prove just about anything. So I saw this exchange, clipped and “memed” and passed around and I have no reason to believe much of what it says is false. […]

More Fun

We all know that some demographics try to press that everything is about race, and some demographics try to press that nothing is; I am, like my namesake, a trimmer, and I take no sides in this debate. But I want to bring up one area where everyone seems to think it is about race, […]

The Last Thing I’ll Say about Trump for a While

Already, before Clinton lost, some of my friends were plotting who the next president would be, in eight more years. Michelle Obama was their pick. They loved her speech at the DNC, the speech that Melania Trump had also loved so much, and they thought she would look “presidential,” etc. Now that the Clinton dream has […]