The Last Thing I’ll Say about Trump for a While

yymo3Already, before Clinton lost, some of my friends were plotting who the next president would be, in eight more years. Michelle Obama was their pick. They loved her speech at the DNC, the speech that Melania Trump had also loved so much, and they thought she would look “presidential,” etc. Now that the Clinton dream has been shattered, those people not fully committed to despair, apathy, or violence are now calling for a mere four years before Michelle Obama takes the White House.

Guys, this is a really bad idea. Michelle Obama is not qualified to be president, and yes, I realize she is much more qualified than Donald Trump to be president, yymo4having held several public sector jobs and worked in government, but she is still spectacularly unqualified for president.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to talk about was how the urge to elect Michelle Obama is the same as the urge to elect Donald Trump. In other words, the reason Trump is president is because of our desire for Obama 2020. I realize I say this with hindsight, but hindsight is always…oh, you know.

Why do you want Michelle Obama to be president? She matches your political demographic, of course, but so do any number of senators, etc., with experience; why is it Michelle Obama you’re campaigning for? Because she’s famous! She is utterly unqualified to be yymo2president, but you’ll overlook that because you recognize her brand name.

Why did Trump get to be president? Because he was famous! Do you see?

This obsession is nothing new, and Napoleon III could, I’m sure, give a master class in cashing in on brand names. But it’s an obsession that’s growing. They say that the Freemasons pretended to be an ancient society for so long that eventually they legitimately were an ancient society; similarly, Hillary Clinton was unqualified to hold office for so long that eventually she was qualified to hold office. But at the beginning of her political career she leapfrogged right to senator, from a state she’d never really lived in, because she was already famous. yymo1This means that Trump, an unqualified famous person, defeated Clinton, a famous person who was qualified more or less by chance; and now you want to follow up by electing a new unqualified famous person? It’s unqualified celebrities, it’s Venturas and Frankens and Schwartzeneggers and maybe even Reagans, all the way down.

In the same way that we feel more comfortable with candy as seen on TV than candy humans may have touched, we feel more comfortable with a celebrity than a politician. The celebrity is already part of our lives! The celebrity is a friend, practically family!

I guess this is one way to choose a leader. I guess we can decide to let name recognition triumph over all other characteristics.

But if we decide, this, guys, we may have to stop making fun of Trump followers for being gullible fools.


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