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More on Nazi Punching

(A lot of the same ideas as found here, but with the specific Warren Ellis parts removed, and no use of the word “boner” so you can show it to your mom.) Let me first say that I hate Nazism and everything it stands for. Now let me say that unpopular, even hateful speech is, […]

Punching Nazis Is the First Refuge of the Incompetent

…and then a Nazi gets punched in the face, and everyone pops a boner. Let’s choose one voice from the chorus of hosannahs. Let’s see what soi-disant free-speech crusader Warren Ellis has to say:  These are terrible things to say. This is all terrible. I understand that Warren Ellis is not an American and may […]

The Aphorisms of Nicholas Chamfort

Chamfort was killed, of course, by the French Revolution—not for being a nobleman, (which he was) but because even as a devoted Jacobin (which he also was) he could not stop dropping witty zings. “Be my brother or I’ll kill you,” was how he summed up the revolutionary philosophy. Chamfort was their brother, and they killed […]

The Truth Is Out There

The National Enquirer did fake news before it was cool. It’s also a fascinating glimpse into a parallel universe where people have opinions I disagree with. Look at this cover. What’s amazing about it—not the top parts, the bottom part—is that it makes a bunch of claims that are not very controversial. I mean, who doesn’t want […]

Profiles in “Courage”: Howard Rushmore

Howard Rushmore had dreamed from a young age of being a progressive journalist, and by age 16 he was writing both for his high school and town newspapers. This was back in late ’20s, when they still let students do such things. Unfortunately, the stuff he wrote in the local paper about the school got […]

2016 Predictions Graded

As is my custom, I made several predictions last January for the upcoming year, Nostradamus-style, in cryptic verse. Now that 2016 has come to a close, it behooves us to see how close my Delphic rhymes came to the truth. Prediction #1: Who drove the campaign bus? The Rus. When we voted, who did the computin’? […]