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From Adventure Comics #397

Yes, that’s a depowered Wonder Woman helping Supergirl out by invoking what may not be the oldest name of God…but is certainly the most retro.

The Morally Fraught Incentive

I came up with a lot of theories when I was a kid, and some of the were wrong, especially the ones about math. But some of them were pretty close to the mark. For example, I’d noticed that teachers often emphasized the importance of effort, saying something like: “It’s not your fault if you’re just […]

Lenny Bruce Died for Old Harvard

I. I grew up thinking that Lenny Bruce was a hero, because he suffered and died to expand the range of things we, as grownups, were permitted to talk about. The Victorian era was a dark, superstitious time when words such as”belly” or “leg” were considered injurious to “sensitive” souls, and therefore banned from polite […]