Words of Comfort and Consolation II

The search for truth is the only valid form of revenge.xxsisi
•pseudo-Nietzsche, My Sister and I (1951).

There’s so much freedom in the world that you can pick anything you want and put it in your butt.
•Björk, interview in Details 7/94.

As long as a word remaineth unspoken it is in the prison of him that wished to speak, but when once it hath been spoken the speaker thereof becometh its prisoner.
•Gregory Bar-Hebraeus, The Laughable Stories (1280).

Flower: Life’s so boring.xxspkshiv
Rock: At least you can die.
•Johnny Hart, B.C. (ca. 1993).

The crookedness of the serpent
is straight enough for the snake-hole.
•Basavana (C12).

I am not a Nihilist in form, but I am one at heart,
•Allan Arnold, The Boy Nihilist; Or, Young America in Russia (1909).

The world is a beast that must bee cozened before it bee tamed.
•Lord Halifax to William IV, ca. 1590 (quoted in Foxcroft, Life of Halifax).

1nihilistMy love of film is far more important than any considerations of morality.
•Alfred Hitchcock, Hitchcock/Truffaut (1983).

Ever since I was little,
Weiwei inou,
I have always thought
Weiwei inou,
These things to myself:
Weiwei inou,
“Somehow or other, I wish
Weiwei inou,
That I could see a human!xxainu
Weiwei inou,
How I would love to kill one!”
Weiwei inou,
I thought nothing but this
Weiwei inou,
As time went by.
•Hirame Kareipa, “Song of the Daughter of the Mountain God” (1936).

“I want to leave behind me,” said Tom, speaking slow and looking much moved, “the name of a fellow who never bullied a little boy, or turned his back on a big one.”
•Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown’s School Days (1857).

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