Bite Me


In the fourteenth century, Jean de Jandun wrote: “To live in Paris is to exist simpliciter but to live anywhere else is only to exist secundum quid.”

So there’s a Facebook page and—for Pete’s sake, don’t go to it; I’m not going to link to it—but it’s the perfect Facebook page. It’s moronic, and people I know keep linking to its posts, but it’s the greatest place on the internet, because it is called: “Hate Liberals? Bite Me.”

This is splendid. No one else has ever been this honest. What is this page for? Is it a page for liberals? Not really; it is a page for people who want to say “bite me” to people who hate liberals. It is not a page that asserts any ideology; it is simply a reaction against other people. Who are we? Not them!


This was literally the top post when I went to the page. It had 2.3K “likes.”

And who are “they”? This is the good part. Because not only can HL?BM not imagine its demographic being composed of adherents to any particular belief system, it cannot even imagine other people adhering to a belief system. So in this case, the they that HL?BM is not, the rival demographic that HL?BM defines itself against, is not conservatives, but simply people who hate liberals. They are themselves defined negatively.

In the  HL?BM worldview, no one has a belief system. No one exists; everyone is merely a negation. We are not them; they are not us. It’s a perfect hermetic system.

And they’re right! About nothing else perhaps, but about this, about this they are right.


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