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Model System

(A short story) Larry was supposed to be working on his science project that Thursday night, when the stranger came to his room. The project was due Monday, but it was sitting half-completed in the basement, while Larry sat in his room upstairs, working on his dinosaur models. If he’d been allowed to choose his […]

Alack Too Timely Shaded

Quickly, then, because this is easy. It’s mostly just review. I wanted to talk a little about this article, but mostly about Ranier “tLLoaAG” Maningding’s reaction to it. (Ignore those 53 tabs; we all have our problems; ignore that date, I’m running behind on everything.) We shouldn’t make too big a deal about things, because, […]

Jolly Holiday

Every year, around election time (I know; I’m running late) people suggest that it would be a good idea to declare Election Day a national holiday, thereby making it easier to vote. I’m not sure if this is actually a good idea* but certainly it’s a well-intentioned idea. Good people from all over the political […]

Short People

Memories are short nowadays, so it might be worthwhile to remind everyone that five short years ago, the term white supremacy referred explicitly to the fringe beliefs of neo-Nazis, the Klan, and maybe some militia groups. At some point in the last five years the meaning changed and now white supremacy is popularly used, at […]

Hastur Hastur Hastur

No one has ever been able to accuse internet pundits of being self-aware, but these celebrated tweets everyone’s talking about win some sort of prize for epic lack of self-awareness. Obviously there are plenty of problems at work here (in the tweets), but let’s hit the big one first. Julius starts out miffed that people […]

Bowery at Midnight

Can we talk about something serious here for a moment? Can we talk about cult movies? Somehow I’ve lived an entire life—almost two lives, if you’re Keats—and no one’s told me about Bowery at Midnight. It’s in the public domain, like all good things, and you can just watch it for free if you wish. […]


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Can we talk about this quote for a moment, and why it’s exactly backwards? I don’t mean that the universe’s arc bends towards injustice, I mean it’s backwards the other way. I mean that what we do is: Check out what our […]