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The House That Jack Built, in Trouble Again

We’re all mad again, and we’re all mad at Marvel. By “we” I mean comics readers, or at least a certain demographic of comics readers, and we’re mad because, and I’m quoting io9’s headline here, Marvel VP David Gabriel “blames women and diversity” for a decline in comics sales. That sounds like a spectacularly boneheaded […]

Kill or Be Killed Theories

[Major spoilers for the comic book series Kill or Be Killed follow. You should probably go read it, it’s been called one of the best comics of last year.] I once read (it may have been in an Anne Rule book) that with serial killers it’s the first kill that “counts.” That is to say, […]

Best Comics of 2016

You know, 2015 was a pretty grim year for comics. There have probably been worse years—and I’m looking at you, Heroes Reborn—but generating a top ten graphic novels of 2015 involved dragging in a lot of “pretty good” padding. Fortunately, this is 2016, and although many things went poorly in 2016, we got some solid comics […]

Flying Cars and the Social Comedy

The Social Comedy is a 1902 collection of cartoons from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, apparently culled from Life magazine. The cover is strange — two geese rampant flanking a crown, dollar sign, and heart — but the contents are pretty much what you’d expect from the time: gag panels the way they […]

Choose a Caption

a. “A book should be an ax to break the frozen sea within us.” -Kafka b. “Ye have locked yerselves up in cages of fear — and behold, do ye now complain that ye lack freedom!” -Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst c. “From the ax there is always anxiety. You think you are free from anxiety […]

Why We Care about Captain America

I suppose it’s possible that everyone suddenly cares about Captain America. I saw it happen once before, in 2007, when Ed Brubaker killed him. It was a madhouse in the comic store that day. Mostly it was a madhouse because people wanted to buy multiple copies, but there was one man who dashed in, his body twitching with […]

Relevant Again

Someday this meme will successfully make me famous.