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From Adventure Comics #397

Yes, that’s a depowered Wonder Woman helping Supergirl out by invoking what may not be the oldest name of God…but is certainly the most retro.

The House That Jack Built, in Trouble Again

We’re all mad again, and we’re all mad at Marvel. By “we” I mean comics readers, or at least a certain demographic of comics readers, and we’re mad because, and I’m quoting io9’s headline here, Marvel VP David Gabriel “blames women and diversity” for a decline in comics sales. That sounds like a spectacularly boneheaded […]

Kill or Be Killed Theories

[Major spoilers for the comic book series Kill or Be Killed follow. You should probably go read it, it’s been called one of the best comics of last year.] I once read (it may have been in an Anne Rule book) that with serial killers it’s the first kill that “counts.” That is to say, […]

Best Comics of 2016

You know, 2015 was a pretty grim year for comics. There have probably been worse years—and I’m looking at you, Heroes Reborn—but generating a top ten graphic novels of 2015 involved dragging in a lot of “pretty good” padding. Fortunately, this is 2016, and although many things went poorly in 2016, we got some solid comics […]

Flying Cars and the Social Comedy

The Social Comedy is a 1902 collection of cartoons from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, apparently culled from Life magazine. The cover is strange — two geese rampant flanking a crown, dollar sign, and heart — but the contents are pretty much what you’d expect from the time: gag panels the way they […]

Choose a Caption

a. “A book should be an ax to break the frozen sea within us.” -Kafka b. “Ye have locked yerselves up in cages of fear — and behold, do ye now complain that ye lack freedom!” -Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst c. “From the ax there is always anxiety. You think you are free from anxiety […]

Why We Care about Captain America

I suppose it’s possible that everyone suddenly cares about Captain America. I saw it happen once before, in 2007, when Ed Brubaker killed him. It was a madhouse in the comic store that day. Mostly it was a madhouse because people wanted to buy multiple copies, but there was one man who dashed in, his body twitching with […]

Relevant Again

Someday this meme will successfully make me famous.

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