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Imagine a World Where People Knew Stuff

This is the internet: Ignorant people shouting dumb things at each other, while we cheer them on. I’ve seen so many celebrations of this “perfect response” to a hateful meme, and none of those celebrations pause to wonder if a response can be “perfect” when it asserts that “it is the Wright brothers who have taken the credit” for […]

Punching Nazis Is the First Refuge of the Incompetent

…and then a Nazi gets punched in the face, and everyone pops a boner. Let’s choose one voice from the chorus of hosannahs. Let’s see what soi-disant free-speech crusader Warren Ellis has to say:  These are terrible things to say. This is all terrible. I understand that Warren Ellis is not an American and may […]

Erasing History

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about history, it’s that history is really big, and filled with disparate facts,  and an unscrupulous person can pick and choose to prove just about anything. So I saw this exchange, clipped and “memed” and passed around and I have no reason to believe much of what it says is false. […]

Problematizing Dissent

I’m not here to pick on someone whose family has suffered so much (ha ha), but I think Williams’s statement above, while tempting, is dangerous. Tumblr (where you may have seen this very meme) spends a lot of time talking about how white male is a “default setting” in our culture, and they’re not wrong. […]

Who Discovered America?

Columbus commonly gets credit for discovering America…At the time, however, the American continent was already populated. The Indians, we must assume, had discovered America long before anybody else ever got here! This is from a 1963 kids’ history book (Do You Know Who Did It? by Virginia Coigney*), and is fairly typical of how we […]

All Lives Addendum

Continued from here, obviously. This one I just started seeing getting shared around today, but it is an example of how incoherent these arguments have become. The biblical statement “blessed are the poor” is pretty clearly an attack on the rich. If “black lives matter” was intended to imply that it is easier for a […]

Lives Matter?

It’s astonishing how much vitriol that two groups can summon up concerning two statements that ostensibly they both agree with. Pretty much everyone involved in the current debate believes that black lives and all lives matter, and yet stating what is after all a truism is taboo, depending on your demographic. Both sides are convinced that the […]