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The Jemima Effect

This popular meme is very silly, of course. I am kind of amazed it’s even necessary to debunk it, but, look: Pontius Pilate. He’s very famous! He’s in the Bible, and he’s Italian. I don’t just mean, he’s Roman (which of course he is; there’s more than one Roman in the Bible—to whom do you […]

Memebusters: Easter

I see this meme every year, and it just gets stupider. Once again, I’m not trying to convert anyone to any religious viewpoint; I merely want to discourage the spread of memes with bad historical information. And despite the watermark of authenticity in the lower right corner (IllumintiTV!), every part of this meme is demonstrably wrong. […]

Apocalypse and Revelation

Apocalypse and revelation mean the same thing twice. Of course both refer to the end times; but furthermore, etymologically, apocalypse comes from kaluptein (“to cover”; caul has the same root—eucalyptus just means “well-covered”) with the negating prefix apo. An apocalypse is an uncovering, a revealing—see what I’m doing here?—a revelation. Theoretically, anything about the future, […]

Religion and Memes: Epilogue

(Continued from earlier.) I see this shared a lot, and it’s probably the case that bringing it up is redundant, because my hope is you’ve become so sick of my writing about religious memes that you will never share them again out of simple fear of further boredom. But I wanted to say something extra […]

Religion and Memes III

Continued from yesterday. Most (all?) religions (this should probably be its own post, but we’ll go through quickly and shallowly) offer four things to their followers:  Ritual Mythology Ontology Ethics Just for clarity: for Christianity, as one example, ritual would include praying and taking communion, mythology would include the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, ontology would […]

Religion and Memes II

Continued from here. Everything I’ve said so far—more specifically the argument that the atheist’s value system rests on no firmer ground than the theist’s—is only true if at least one of two facts is true: that the value system is arbitrary or that the atheist in question has accepted this value system without fully questioning […]

Religion and Memes I

I am not here to convert you, hypothetical straw-man reader, to any belief system except perhaps nihilistic despair. But I would like to point out a problem with some of the memes you’ve been sharing about religion. Specifically, I think you’re guilty of a kind of category error. But let’s look at some examples first […]