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If the Choice Be Mine…I Choose to March!

(More or less continues thematically from here.) We live in an odd time, one in which the past is both readily accessible and consciously avoided. On the one hand, every issue of Life magazine, almost every book and periodical from before early in the last century, and a healthy proportion of legal and illegal copies of […]

Youth Culture Killed My Dog (Part 1)

There was  a time when grown adults would go door to door in crazy costumes on Halloween, demanding treats. It was called mumming.* Now we (we meaning twenty-first century Americans) call it trick or treating, and only children do it. Depending where you live, children might not do that any more, and it’s possible that the […]

In Defense of Zoos

I’m not the zookeeper, nor the zookeeper’s son, But I’ll keep the zoo till the zookeeper comes. -Traditional It looks like the internet has gotten momentarily tired of demanding humans be sacrificed to its insatiable bloodlust and has moved on to hating on zoos (this is just one of innumerable similar pieces I’ve been seeing). […]