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Humor and the Great War Addendum

See also: Humor and the Great War Adventure and the Great War Most of the examples I gave before of humor from the trenches were of the mild, safe, Jay Leno style of humor, a style we associate with the larfs of the past. But gallows humor has always burbled beneath the surface of our […]

Humor and the Great War

(Continued, more or less, from Adventure and the Great War.) Even though World War I had its share of adventure stories, you’ll note that these are primarily “exonymous”—they’re stories written by people viewing the war from a distance for children not even eligible to enlist. What about the actual soldiers, who were watching civilization crumble to bits first […]

Adventure and the Great War

World War I is the least fun war. It is canonically the most depressing and disheartening of all the slogs of war, polishing off both a generation of young men and the idealism and faith of the western world. Its novels are tragedies; its poetry is agonizing. After all the horrors and the end of a […]