Hello Goodreads. I really like your site. I use it a lot—I was rated one of your “top readers” before you changed the algorithm, and I still add a couple dozen books a month to my “library.” I used to keep lists of the books I read on pen and paper, but for the last […]

So is canceling good or bad? It seems unclear. Should people be canceling? If it’s good, was it good when They canceled Teletubbies? Is that what we’re asserting? What if it’s Harry Potter? I understand that when country Them starts shooting at country Us, Us can shoot back. I’m not here to say NO WARS […]

The kerfluffle over Dr. Seuss is dumb and tiny and nobody should be talking about it. But instead everybody has been talking about it, and I can’t help but notice that as they talk they all accept unquestioningly two propositions. 1. Dr. Seuss Enterprises stopped printing these books to “preserve and protect the author’s legacy.” […]

Here follow the lyrics to Donny Osmond’s 1989 comeback hit, with all cliches bolded. So you heard that I’m a rebel with a heart made of stone.I got a restless spirit that nobody can own.If a picture tells a story won’t you listen to mine,I’m searching for the answer but it’s so hard to find.You’ll […]

Every year I play a little game on January 1, and it’s the most fun part of the year, so I wanted to share it with you so you can play, too. The first thing you have to do is track every book you’ve read for the year, in order; you should also have the […]

On September 10, 1979, Blondie Bumstead murdered her husband with the contrivance of her children. Everything that has happened in the strip during the last 41 years has merely been Blondie’s guilt-induced fever dream.

This popular meme is very silly, of course. I am kind of amazed it’s even necessary to debunk it, but, look: Pontius Pilate. He’s very famous! He’s in the Bible, and he’s Italian. I don’t just mean, he’s Roman (which of course he is; there’s more than one Roman in the Bible—to whom do you […]

1900–1909 Being cheated out of our lawful inheritance, perhaps as an orphan 1910–1919 Pro patria mori 1920–1929 Getting tied to railroad tracks/lumber buzzsaw conveyer belt 1930–1939 Our plucky impromptu talent show fundraiser failing to prevent bank from foreclosing on farm 1940–1949 Ratzi Japateurs/running out of cigarettes 1950–1959 Dying in teen drag race, coming back as […]

(Continued from here; hardly a self-contained unit.) iv. Where’s Natasha? The bromide “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” is probably false—falsely so-called gnosis, one might say. Few people long to be on the receiving end of an internet shame mob. But there might well be no such thing as a bad commercial. I’m trying […]

The New York Times had an article reviewing the racist “OK” hand gesture, which I figure is a sign of the whole thing entering the mainstream enough that we should look at it now. I mean, we should look at what we’re doing now, in this unique moment when everything is dewy new and nothing […]