Can we talk about something serious here for a moment? Can we talk about cult movies? Somehow I’ve lived an entire life—almost two lives, if you’re Keats—and no one’s told me about Bowery at Midnight. It’s in the public domain, like all good things, and you can just watch it for free if you wish. […]

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Can we talk about this quote for a moment, and why it’s exactly backwards? I don’t mean that the universe’s arc bends towards injustice, I mean it’s backwards the other way. I mean that what we do is: Check out what our […]

So there’s a Facebook page and—for Pete’s sake, don’t go to it; I’m not going to link to it—but it’s the perfect Facebook page. It’s moronic, and people I know keep linking to its posts, but it’s the greatest place on the internet, because it is called: “Hate Liberals? Bite Me.” This is splendid. No […]

I haven’t really been able to discuss the internet recently. The internet left in America is busy asserting that violence is the best solution to political problems, which would be less weird if all branches of government, as well as the military, the police, and most people with guns in America weren’t explicitly “the enemy.” […]

Shelley gave us a memorable portrait of 1819 (“An old, mad, blind, despised, and dying King”) and Yeats of 1919 (“We…planned to bring the world under a rule, Who are but weasels fighting in a hole”), and like, 2019 is just around the corner, and yet I don’t think anyone’s stepped up to bat to […]

Even after watching it fifty or sixty times, I’m not sure if Better Off Dead is a bad movie, or a good movie making fun of bad movies. Regardless, it’s a funny movie, and when a comedy is funny you can forgive the visual cliches, the montages, and the ski race. What I can’t forgive, […]

The search for truth is the only valid form of revenge. •pseudo-Nietzsche, My Sister and I (1951). There’s so much freedom in the world that you can pick anything you want and put it in your butt. •Björk, interview in Details 7/94. As long as a word remaineth unspoken it is in the prison of […]